Add an Internet "Hot Spot" in Your Lobby - Your Customers Will Thank You...

"As a convenience, you can add a secure and inexpensive wireless "Hot Spot" for your customers and a fast wireless network for your business at the same time. Here's how..."

AustinIT will install an 802.11n Wireless Dual Band Router with "Guest Zone" capability in your business. The new Router will add several important capabilities:

  1. Adds a robust hardware firewall
  2. Provides multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports including an internal network switch
  3. Provides up to two secure (WPA2) encrypted Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) for the business computers
  4. Provides up to two secure (WPA2) encrypted Wireless "Hot Spots" WLAN for customer use
  5. Separates and isolates all network traffic between the Guest and Business WLAN for security
  6. Adds dual band wireless radios for the 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz bands - can dedicate priority traffic using one band

The "Hot Spot" simply provides your customers and guests with Internet access. It can be setup so that logins are secure for the Guest Zone or it can be left open for easy connection to the network. In any case, the Guest Zone is isolated from the rest of your business network... preventing anyone from gaining access to your business LAN.

...the Router simply shares the existing Internet service between your customers and your business.

... a wireless "Hot Spot" is popular with people on the go. By adding this capability to your business, your customers will really appreciate the convenience.

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