LapLink Software"Are you upgrading from Windows XP... to Windows 7"?

"Do you want an easy and stress free way to migrate your Application Programs, Data Files, User Accounts, and User Profile Settings"?

"Then check out LapLink's PCmover for Windows!"

The biggest challenge that computer users face when upgrading their operating system is how to move all of their Files, Programs, and Settings from the old Operating System (OS) to the new one. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not provide a complete solution to this problem.

For businesses, Microsoft offers the User State Migration Tool (USMT) which aids IT departments in migrating User Accounts, Program settings, and Personal settings on multiple PC's at a time. But, USMT does not move the actual Application programs along with their Registry settings to the new PCs. Plus, USMT is difficult for the novice to learn and use effectively.

For consumers, Microsoft offers the Windows Easy Transfer utility. But, here again, this tool only migrates User Accounts, Personal settings, and Files from one OS to the other. The consumer has to manually re-install all of their compatible Application software programs - one by one - on the new OS which can take many hours to accomplish.

 "Fortunately... there is an easier way to do this!"

LapLink PCMoverLaplink's PCmover series of utilities allows complete transfer of all your Application programs, Settings, and Files from your old OS to your new one. And, it allows flexible control so that you can move only what you want to move. Nothing more... nothing less.

Whether you are upgrading the OS on an existing PC or moving everything from an old PC to a new one... PCmover can get the job done quickly and accurately!

AustinIT offers our Windows Upgrade service - where we do all the work for you including any hardware updates that you request, backup of your system using PCmoverPro, installation of your new OS, and restoration of your previous Application programs, Personal settings, and Files. We'll pickup your PC(s) or we can do the migration on-site if you prefer.

Call us for a quote at (512) 229-6020

Or, simply purchase PCmover and upgrade your machine at your convenience.

There are two ways to purchase PCmover products. Direct from AustinIT as part of our Windows Upgrade service, or directly from LapLink's website:

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