Upgrading an operating system on an existing PC can often be a time consuming and nerve wracking experience... even for a well seasoned PC user. For Windows 7, Microsoft made some improvements to this process. However, there are still pitfalls and annoyances that can make for a frustrating day. If you plan to do your own upgrade, prepare yourself in advance.

AustinIT is here to help by providing the following information to assist you in making choices about how you want to approach upgrading your PC(s)... whether on your own or through the use of an IT services company:

Important points to consider...

Here's a list of important points to consider as you make plans to upgrade your PC to Win 7:

Chart-1 - "Upgrade Options" and whether they are "in place" or "custom installations"...

Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System

Upgrade Scenarios:

There are several types of upgrade scenarios... each with their own set of complications:

Is my PC capable of running Windows 7?

Before you upgrade an existing machine to Windows 7, visit the Windows Upgrade Advisor website. There, you can download a small program that will check your system for compatibility with Windows 7. This tool will report details on the hardware and software that is compatible with Window 7 and, more importantly, those that are not.

Windows Upgrade Advisor Site

Windows 7 Compatibility Site...

Microsoft maintains a Windows 7 compatibility site that lists all hardware and software that has been certified to work with Windows 7.

Windows 7 Compatibility Site

Getting Professional Help...

AustinIT offers our Windows 7 Upgrade service - where we do all the work for you including any hardware updates that you request, backup of your system using LapLink PCmoverPro, installation of your new Windows 7 OS, and restoration of your previous Application programs, Personal settings, and Files.

Call AustinIT at (512) 229-6020 for a quote.

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