At Austin-IT, we continue to favor and recommend PC products by the major OEM companies such as Dell, HP, Motion Computing, Fujitsu, and more. These brands offer great performance, high quality, low prices, and plenty of options to choose from.

With so many choices, it is often tricky to pick just the right equipment for your needs. Let us help you determine the best solution for your application. We can help you save money (and extend your budget) by not over buying in one area or under buying in another. A good example of this would be the amount of memory or disk capacity in your new system. Or, whether you purchase a 32 bit machine vs. a 64 bit machine. We can also help you avoid purchases that are almost immediately obsolete due to rapidly changing and emerging technology trends. What may appear to be a bargain today might be old news by tomorrow.

Dell Netbook, Tablet PC, and Laptop Products...

Dell has an extensive line of computing products sold primarily online or through its dealer and system integrator network. Currently, Dell has eight distinct Netbook, Tablet PC, and Laptop product lines in a variety of models to fit a particular need.

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Product Line Best Use Model Number(s) Image
Netbook Home Mini10 Dell Mini 10 Netbook Laptop
Tablet PC
Enterprise Businesses
Managed SMB Network
Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC
Inspiron Home 11, 14, 15 Dell Inspiron Laptop
Studio XPS Home 16 Dell Studio XPS 16 Laptop
Home 14, 15, 17 Dell Studio Laptop
Adamo Home Admire, Desire Dell Adamo Laptop
Vostro Small Business V13, 1014, 1015
1220, 1320,1520
1720, 3300,3400
3500, 3700
Dell Vostro Laptop
Latitude Enterprise Businesses
Managed SMB Network
Z, 13, 2100
E4200, E4300
E5400, E5500
E6400, E6500
Dell Latitude Laptop