"Today's modern home can now benefit from the multitude of choices in electronic equipment available for entertainment and home computing. Austin-IT can design a complete home solution that securely integrates all of your home electronics devices."

The average home has two computers (one for the kids - one for the adults), a gaming system (Xbox 360, Play Station, Wii), a printer, perhaps a wireless network, and a TV/entertainment system. However, most homes lack a solid "foundation" upon which to integrate all computing and electronics devices in order to store, secure, and share media.

Austin-IT offers services and solutions to address these three major areas of home electronics:

Home computing, networking, and storage...

Austin-IT, can help define a pragmatic solution that integrates all of your devices, secures them, and optimizes the ability to store, preserve, and share your digital media in the home.

We have low cost high speed wireless 802.11n solutions that can be combined with wired Ethernet to extend your home network into hard to reach areas while also dramatically easing the complexity of your network. We also have products such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions to consolidate all of your data, pictures, video, and music in one location. Your media can then be easily backed up and shared between the appropriate devices on your home network.

For the Home Office, we have solutions that will help you securely connect to the office while keeping your family network safe and separate from your business life.

Home theater and entertainment systems...

There's nothing more satisfying than relaxing in your home, pushing a button on your remote, and enjoying your favorite music, games, movies, or TV shows... all from your new Home Media Center. Austin-IT will work with you to design and build your dream system using today's state-of-the-art matched components that deliver an awesome audio/visual experience.

Start with our central multi-media PC server incorporating a digital HD Quad Tuner - allowing up to four simultaneous shows to be recorded or played back on any TV or PC in your home. Then, add the ability to pull media content from the Internet, Cable/Satellite, DVD, Blue Ray, personal pictures, video, music, and other sources... and you have a dream system to serve up all of your family's multi-media needs. To really go high end, add a large format HD digital projection screen and a 7.1 surround sound system in your dedicated home theater room for that professional touch.

Home security and surveillance systems...

Go beyond the remote monitoring services of traditional home security companies by adding a full color video surveillance package. See who is at your door or on your property... and record it in real time. Monitor specific areas "inside" of your home such as a newborn's crib.

Add remote control features that allow you to control lighting, HVAC, and other systems using your cell phone or a remote control device.

Home computing, entertainment, and security system design possibilities are nearly endless. Let us help you build a solution that meets your unique requirements and budget today.

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