One key factor that will determine the project's success:

Once you have made the commitment to adopt an EHR/PM system, the next step is to begin "planning for success". It is not simply a matter of buying a few computers and installing some software. Well... maybe it is for a lucky few. But, for the rest of us, the planning phase is critical to ensuring that the project succeeds and that you do not end up with an expensive mess that falls well short of your goals. "Failing to plan... is planning to fail..."

Recognize that EHR implementation is a team effort:

It is imperative to have a cooperative and well organized team manage the project. The goal is to have minimal disruption on the practice while successfully completing the project on time and on budget. You want to preserve continuity of care for the patients, the revenue stream for the practice, and reduce stress on everyone involved. Consider having three members acting together as the Project Management team. One member from the practice, one from the EHR vendor, and one from your IT department or vendor.

Outline and document your plan:

Listed below are the major steps that should be well though out, planned, and executed by the PM team. Keep in mind that conditions often change and that some contingencies will have to be dealt with as you go along. Having a well thought out plan in the beginning will minimize problems that may crop up later in the project:

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