CMS Incentive Programs and Meaningful Use of EHR Technology...

There are rules as to who qualifies for the CMS incentive payments, when the payments will be made, and under what circumstances. Generally, qualifying ambulatory medical practices that adopt an EHR system and subsequently meet the "Meaningful Use" MU criteria can elect to receive reimbursement through (a) the Medicare program or (b) the Medicaid program (you may only choose one - although there is a one time opportunity to switch programs).

Medicare Guidelines:

Medicare Incentive Payment Schedule
"Pay for Performance" Year
Starting Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Total
2011 $18K $12K $8K $4K $2K $0 $44K
2012   $18K $12K $8K $4K $2K $44K
2013     $15K $12K $8K $4K $39K
2014       $12K $8K $4K $24K
2015         $0 $0 - 1%
2016           $0 - 2%
2017             - 3%

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